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NT1000 Main Steering System Configuration

All SOLAS/Class rated vessels are required to be fitted with Main and backup Steering facilities and components which have been Approved and Certificated commensurate with relevant flag and Classification Society performance and reliability standards.

Accordingly, all Main Steering System components designed & manufactured by Navitron Systems Ltd. have been fully Classification Society Approved (Germanischer Lloyd) and may be configured for complete Main Steering console configurations and/or stand alone component use as appropriate.

Whilst a typical Main Steering console might comprise Full Follow Up, Non Follow Up and Override Steering Controls plus Steering Mode selection and Steering Alarm Panel etc, the final

Steering Mode Selector Type NT1000 STMS FU Wheel Unit Type NT1000 WFU Steering System Selector Type NT1000 STSS NT999G Autopilot System NFU Control Type NT1001 NFU NFU Control Type NT1001 NFU Steering Alarm Panel Type NT1000 STAP Gyro/Mag Heading Repeaters Override Control Type NT1001 OVSW

content can be chosen to reflect the complexity of the Steering System(s) involved (single or dual rudder etc.) thus a modular cost effective concept based on DIN sized units results.

This modular aspect also extends to major electronic elements which may be required for independent installation in proprietary systems (Steering Controllers / Steering Amplifiers etc.) in addition to Heading Control (Autopilot) and Analogue Heading Indication (Gyro Repeaters) which may be required for stand alone use.

All NT1000 electronic Steering System configurations are suitable for direct connection to nominal 24Vdc and 110/230/440Vac power supplies derived from existing main steering gear Starter Boxes and fully comprehensive set up facilities are included to provide immediate compatibility with all Steering System types.


Navitron NT1000 Steering Amplifiers therefore output bang bang switchlines for simple solenoid systems plus +/-10Vdc and 4-20mA signals for proportional valve control etc. as standard features.

Set Up parameters may be inspected and adjusted at the appropriate Steering Amplifier(s) which are also able to be remotely adjusted at/from the NT1000 Steering Controller.

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