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Override Switch Type NT850 OVSW

The sprung to centre Override Switch immediately provides direct control of the rudder position (angle) at any time the lever is moved to Port or Stbd of the amidships position regardless of the Mode selected at the Steering Mode Selector Switch. When activated by lever movement, the Override condition is automatically signalled to the Steering Mode Selector Switch (NT850 STMS) and the STMS Control Panel displays “OVERRIDE ACTIVE” accompanied by an audible alarm.

Once activated by Override lever movement, the Override condition will “latch” and will remain operational until cancelled using the “STOP OVERRIDE” keypad on the NT850 STMS.

It must be noted that the NT850 OVSW can only be used when the Mode Selector Type NT850 STMS is included in the system overall.

In the Override operational (active) condition, the Override control function is the same as standard Non Follow Up rudder positioning allowing the vessel to be steered away from danger immediately and without the need for any other switch selector changes etc.


NT850 OVSW Outline Dimensions & Mounting Details
Model NT850 OVSW: - (Dims 130mm x 166mm x 90mm)
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