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Full Follow Up Lever Unit Type NT850 FU

The Follow Up Lever is activated by the panel mounted “FU SELECT” key and confirmed as active by the corner status LED. In the active condition, movement of the FU Lever to Port (red) & Stbd (green) of the amidships (0) position will result in proportional and linear rudder angle application as ordered, up to hard over rudder at full (max.) scale.

A maximum of seven Follow Up Units can be included in the standard Navitron Steering System and each is equipped with two electrically isolated potentiometers which provide two isolated serial data channels for rudder demand signals to the Navitron NT850 Steering Amplifier(s).

Control is automatically passed between the Wheel Follow Up Unit and between Lever Follow Up Units by operation of the “FU SELECT” key on the required Follow Up Unit.

The NT850 FU can be included in the standard Navitron Steering Console or desk control panel and/or located remotely in wheelhouse or protected bridge wing locations.

Model NT850 FU: - (Dims 130mm x 166mm x 90mm)
NT850 FU Outline Dims & Mounting Details
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